Update: October 2012

Coercion, 2012_ gunpowder, pigment, acrylic, wood_ 70″x60″x14″

Hallelujah. A little over one month down at the Roswell AiR. Only 10 and a half more to go.
I have finished a new piece, Coercion, and I think it’s pretty snazzy. [ you can read more about it here]

I met with the director and assistant director from the Roswell Museum this week. I will be having a solo exhibition in the museum Friday, February 22- Sunday, April 7, 2013. It will be a full blown installation that houses many of my drawings and constructions.

More details will emerge as the ideas continue to develop.


If you are looking for a way to catch my work earlier than February drive on out to see Balancing Act at The Center for Contemporary Arts in Abilene, an exhibit with my former professor, Ken Dixon. This is our second exhibition together and promises to be as good as the first. It opens Thursday, Nov. 8th and will be on display until Dec. 28, 2012. This is a rare chance to see our work displayed on red and turquoise walls…

I am also preparing for Crossing Borders in Little Rock, Arkansas curated by Susan Mumford of SMart, London. I am making 7 more ‘brutal’ or stripped down works to  highlight some of the stereotypical viewpoints of the American South. The exhibit is sponsored, in part, by Oxford American and will run from Dec. 10-22, 2012.

The Art Foundation will be opening a curated exhibition, twain, on Saturday, October 27th at Grey Matters, Dallas. Developed around the alter-ego as a necessary safe haven in a Post-Fordist economy while focussing on the inevitable practices of confused authorship, the exhibit features many big name artists. Unfortunately, I cannot provide those names since they are working under a pseudonym. Talk about sabotaging your own exhibit…
We also have a tumblr page set up to complement the physical exhibition.

Ok, I better get back to work.



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