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  • Review~ Ian F. Thomas

    Review~ Ian F. Thomas

    Ian F. Thomas To Nowhere Thomas Hunter Project SpaceHunter CollegeNew York, NY published on EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review Cast ceramic, Glass Reinforced Gypsum, Steel, 2019 Metaphorical symbology lays thick: the rising tide lifts only one boat, the 1% will never be occupied, or “life of pi” meets “an inconvenient truth.” Choose your insoluble outrage. The […]

  • Review ~ Urs Fischer

    Review ~ Urs Fischer

    Published on EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review, October 9, 2018 Urs Fischer PLAY with choreography by Madeline Hollander Gagosian, Chelsea, NY [link] September 6 – October 13, 2018 While gawking in silent awe at the peacefully rotating chairs in the center of the gallery a swarm of thirty-odd morons crashed through the doors and attacked the […]

  • Review ~ Chim↑Pom’s “Non-Burnable”

    Review ~ Chim↑Pom’s “Non-Burnable”

    Chim↑Pom Non-Burnable as part of INVISIBLE CITIES: Moving Images from Asia Dallas Contemporary, Dallas [link] Sept. 29 – Dec. 17, 2017 The prayers of well-wishing citizens are sent to Hiroshima in the form of thousands of pounds of colorful origami cranes. In a transmutation from cultural meme to sacred rubbish the totems are classified as “non-burnable” […]

  • Review ~ Urs Fischer

    Review ~ Urs Fischer

    Urs Fischer Standing Julian (2015) as part of “Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection” Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [link] Ignoring the common candle clichés, the more contentious aspect of “Standing Julian” is premature, celebrated, public death. Schnabel’s art-star career is characterized by egoistic confabulation, often manifest as equally grandiose work. Poignantly, […]

  • Review ~ Mauro Martinez

    Review ~ Mauro Martinez

    MAURO MARTINEZ published by EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review || July 2, 2016 Mauro Martinez In The Event of A Water Landing Oil on canvas [2016] Anchored by a fractured protagonist lost in a Bacon-esque pretense of depth, Martinez establishes a familiarity of painting as angst reflector. The ruptured figure in this delicatessen of discontent dissolves […]

  • Review ~ Ann Veronica Janssens

    Review ~ Ann Veronica Janssens

    Ann Veronica Janssens Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas [link] January 23, 2016 – April 17, 2016 [published by EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review] Experiential works, such as Janssens’ fog room or layered cubes, require little or no explanatory text to engage. The optical spectacle triggers a digital image impulse: documentary investigatory tourism is the mass socio-cultural statement. However beautiful, […]