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  • 2012 Island Residency (proposal)

    RE: Application for the ISLAND RESIDENCY by Piotr Chizinski and Ryder Richards (for the Summer of 2012) We propose a 6 week social experiment with the Island Residency. Utilizing the official protocols identified by the FEMA disaster handbook, “Are You Prepared,” (sections 1.3 and 1.4) we will attempt to directly engage Zittel’s built space and the…

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  • 2012 Sound Modulation

    Proposal for NADA Hudson 2012 presented by Seed SpaceJuly 28-29, Hudson, NY PRI presents Sound Modulation Utilizing advancements in “pink noise sound control,” most commonly used as sound privacy technology in open office floor plans, schools, and confessionals, we propose to erect an office ceiling outdoors under which conversations can be muted or distorted with ambient pink sound.  Confounding…

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  • PRI


    PRI is the collaborative endeavor of artists Piotr Chizinski, Ryder Richards and Ian F. Thomas.  _ Sound Modulation, NADA Hudson 2012 (proposal)

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