Review ~ Emily Peacock: Soft Diet

Emily Peacock’s Soft Diet Hello Project, Houston [link] published on, Feb 14, 2015  [link]   Initially a warm and quirky set of enlarged domestic snapshots, Emily Peacock’s Soft Diet at Hello Project in Houston has instant familiarity. They are the joyous familial pictures of every American child’s memories, except that the faces in each… Continue reading Review ~ Emily Peacock: Soft Diet

Exhibit~ Body Politic

Modern identity, the mutable body, and gender as performance 2

Body Politics Provoc8,  Nomadic Gallery, Lubbock, Texas Friday, October 3, 2014 As part of the Provoc8 series of exhibits hosted in a nomadic truck gallery Body Politics provides a format for discussions that typically do not take place in what has been ranked as the 2nd most conservative city in the United States. Invited to participate I developed… Continue reading Exhibit~ Body Politic