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  • Locate Arts Interview ~ Ryder Richards

    Locate Arts Interview ~ Ryder Richards

    LOCATE ARTS: CONNECTOR INTERVIEW with Ryder Richards Locate Arts: What experiences compelled you to pursue contemporary art in your work and life? Ryder Richards: I wish I could point at one moment, but it is more like an addiction that gradually invades every corner of your life. At one point a few drawings were enough, but…

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  • 2014 Awesomeness

    2014 Awesomeness

    2014 Awesomeness: a year-end review The numbers: 1 solo exhibit 9 group shows, 1 in Switzerland 1 project in Venice, US Pavilion 2 curated exhibits, founded 1 arts review publication 16 published reviews, 2 catalogs 3 interviews, 4 lectures at Universities, 2 talks at the DMA Exhibits: [Solo] “Conversations from the Museum of the Uninformed” BlueORANGE, Houston…

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  • Project~ Redaction of Labor II

    Project~ Redaction of Labor II

    Redaction of Labor II [2014] One pint of “Home Depot Orange,” 2×4’s, sheetrock, plaster, white paint, labor Ground Floor Gallery [link], Nashville, TN

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  • Utopia: Binaural Purification

    Utopia: Binaural Purification

    Utopia: Cyclic Hypnotic Binaural Closed-System Purification Culture Laboratory Collective’s Utopia: Can It Stay Dream?  Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville July 5- Aug 15, 2014 Utopia: Cyclic Hypnotic Binaural Closed-System Purification 5-gallon buckets, three ceramic purification filters, water pump, mood lights, video projection, speakers and amps, Gamma and Delta binaural sound 7′x3′x2′ Compiling several disparate systems of thought,…

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  • Breech: OMFG Remix

    Breech: OMFG Remix April 28-29 Seed Space, Nashville, TN artist talk: “Insight? Outta Site!: Ryder Richards” Friday, April 28 @ 7PM, hosted at ET Burk Breech was a very tightly executed installation. In order to play off the ideas presented, and loosen up the controlled associations, OMFG Remix explodes the interpretation by opening the walls,…

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  • Reviews of “Breech”

    Two reviews of my latest solo installation, Breech, have been published in a small brochure by Seed Space in Nashville, TN. I will be giving an artist talk related to the installation and my community art practice at ET Burk on Friday, April 28 about 6 PM.

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