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  • Review ~ Sterling Ruby

    Review ~ Sterling Ruby

    Sterling Ruby Sterling Ruby: SculptureNasher Sculpture Center [link]Dallas published on EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review [link] Totems and tombstones, massive monuments preserved under rich, goopy surfaces: it is monstrous modernism made casual plaything. Scrawled epitaphs mar the surface subverting the potentially grand, ethotic universal message into simplistic mantras. This coifed contempt –decades of epic expenditures undercut…

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  • Work/Play: Rhetoric & Utility at the Nasher

    Work/Play: Rhetoric & Utility at the Nasher

    Wow, Now That’s What I Call Stand-Up! Vol. 1 Programmed by Lee Escobedo Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas [link] September 19, 2016 Ryder performed his comedic art action Work/Play: Rhetoric & Utility as part of an evening of programming at the Nasher. Drawing inspiration from the political humor of Kathryn Andrews work on display at the Nasher, Ryder enacts…

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  • Review ~ Ann Veronica Janssens

    Review ~ Ann Veronica Janssens

    Ann Veronica Janssens Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas [link] January 23, 2016 – April 17, 2016 [published by EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review] Experiential works, such as Janssens’ fog room or layered cubes, require little or no explanatory text to engage. The optical spectacle triggers a digital image impulse: documentary investigatory tourism is the mass socio-cultural statement. However beautiful,…

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  • Review: Anna-Bella Papp

    Review: Anna-Bella Papp

    Anna-Bella Papp at Nasher Sculpture Center [link] by Ryder Richards Temporary Art Review (Jan. 5, 2015) Anna-Bella Papp, in her debut American Museum exhibit, presents a series of clay tablets at the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas. Arranged on a set of tables within the Renzo Piano architecture, her small works are flooded with natural light,…

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