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  • Review ~ “Mondegreen” Pete Hoffecker Mejía

    Review ~ “Mondegreen” Pete Hoffecker Mejía

    how does one reinvigorate a dated, entrenched, even rigid ideology into a vehicle for germination? 

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  • Solo~ The Idyll, Fort Worth

    Solo~ The Idyll, Fort Worth

    The Idyll Ryder Richards installation Carillon Gallery, Tarrant College-South, Fort Worth, Texas [link] March 5- April 2, 2015 The Idyll attempts to synthesize several ideas about the role of Modernism as it strips identity markers into a universal aesthetic. Drawing heavily from the Rothko Chapel the installation relates it to science fiction control centers, which embody the…

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  • Solo: The Idyll, Houston

    Solo: The Idyll, Houston

    The Idyll Jan. 23- Feb. 28, 2015 Cecily Horton Gallery, Lawndale, Houston, Texas Opening Reception: Jan. 23rd, from 6:30-8:30 Proposal to Lawndale: After reading The Radicant an odd paranoia set in considering the role of global standardization through modernist universalism and the reaction against it: a re-entrenchment in cultural or nationalistic identity. Considering the notion…

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  • Review: Anna-Bella Papp

    Review: Anna-Bella Papp

    Anna-Bella Papp at Nasher Sculpture Center [link] by Ryder Richards Temporary Art Review (Jan. 5, 2015) Anna-Bella Papp, in her debut American Museum exhibit, presents a series of clay tablets at the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas. Arranged on a set of tables within the Renzo Piano architecture, her small works are flooded with natural light,…

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