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  • Curating ~ Mute

    Curating ~ Mute

    February 22- March 29, 2014 Mute A Regional Quarterly @ Circuit 12, Dallas Reception: Feb. 22, 2014 Jesse Morgan Barnett, John Frost, Michael Mazurek, Colby Parsons, and Lucia Simek _ Curated by Ryder Richards

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  • 2012- Temporary Occupants

    2012- Temporary Occupants

    TBA has been invited to participate in Temporary OccupantsEastfield College, Mesquite, TX.April 9- May 4, 2012Reception: Saturday, April 21, 6-9 PM The Mediated Revelation > The Intent of TBA Statement: Consider this an architectural intervention, a formalist mediation gone awry. Responding to the cathedral-esque, light-filled atrium we wanted to imbue the space with motion and mystery. Re-imagining the walls…

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