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  • Review ~ Frances Bagley

    Review ~ Frances Bagley

    Frances Bagley The Lay of the Land Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas [link] EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review Articulated tendons of steel suggest a global meta-architecture, tenuously propped, stretched and weighted. Signifiers affix the stabilizers, clamps and levels calling out for attendance to maintain and gauge the structural precarity. The “apparatus” manifests woes and catastrophe at each junction: sculptural ice floes leak…

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  • Review ~ Mauro Martinez

    Review ~ Mauro Martinez

    MAURO MARTINEZ published by EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review || July 2, 2016 Mauro Martinez In The Event of A Water Landing Oil on canvas [2016] Anchored by a fractured protagonist lost in a Bacon-esque pretense of depth, Martinez establishes a familiarity of painting as angst reflector. The ruptured figure in this delicatessen of discontent dissolves…

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  • Review ~ Doris Salcedo

    Review ~ Doris Salcedo

    Published by EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review, April 22, 2016 Doris Salcedo Plegaria Muda Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas [link] Conflating poetics with the politics of victimization Salcedo contextualizes her work with exhumation of the dead. Metaphorically and literally fecund, the dark platitude of survival through hardship physicalizes loss as symbolic graveyard. Plegaria Muda references Columbian youths…

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