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  • 2014 Sphere

    2014 Sphere

    Culture Laboratory: Sphere curated by Jonathan Whitfill August 24- September 15, 2014 Studio 2504, West Virginia University A naturally occurring phenomena, the sphere is a balanced circumference of pressures. The sphere exerts equal force in all directions, sheltering like constituents and enforcing a barrier of exclusion. Due to it’s perfection the form is inherently isolationist and…

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  • 2014 Utopia: Can It Stay Dream?

    2014 Utopia: Can It Stay Dream?

    Utopia: Can It Stay Dream? (curated by Brian R. Jobe and Ryder Richards) July 5- July 25, 2014 Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee   Utopia (or the less common spelling “Eutopia”) implies a unified system nearing perfection, a social design operating efficiently and fairly. Housed within the language of Utopia/Eutopia are the opposed meanings “good…

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  • Utopia: Binaural Purification

    Utopia: Binaural Purification

    Utopia: Cyclic Hypnotic Binaural Closed-System Purification Culture Laboratory Collective’s Utopia: Can It Stay Dream?  Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville July 5- Aug 15, 2014 Utopia: Cyclic Hypnotic Binaural Closed-System Purification 5-gallon buckets, three ceramic purification filters, water pump, mood lights, video projection, speakers and amps, Gamma and Delta binaural sound 7′x3′x2′ Compiling several disparate systems of thought,…

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  • 2013 Awesomeness

    2013 Awesomeness

    Another year-end review you shouldn’t read. But, if you like pictures and few words this may not be too painful. Below is a synopsis of exhibits, articles, and art-world experiences.  

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  • 2013 FLOW

    2013 FLOW

    Flow  August 15 – September 7 Reception: Wednesday, Aug. 21, 4-7 PM The Arts Gallery, Collin College, Plano, TX _ [link] Flow [link to show images] is Curated by Sue Anne Rische challenging each artist to utilize 100+ objects and fuse their selection of multiples with another member’s work. Exploring the possibility of multiples and multiple variation as an aesthetic of…

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  • 2013 An Investigation of Extra-Terrestrial Issues for the Uninitiated

    An Investigation of Extra-Terrestrial Issues for the Uninitiated (Culture Laboratory Collective exhibit curated by Ryder Richards.)  The Cube, Roswell, New Mexico Friday, May 3, 2013 Concerned with the cultural impact of the ‘other’ upon a specific community the Culture Laboratory investigates the occurrence of U.F.O. and Extra-Terrestrial life related to Roswell, New Mexico. [link]  Seeing as the government offered multiple stories over…

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