suspension 8

Ryder Richards @ The Cube
Friday, March 1, 2013 from 6-9 PM

As part of the ongoing First Friday Exhibition series The Cube presents Suspension, an installation by Ryder Richards. Suspending an art pedestal from a series of cables in the middle of the gallery the installation offers the tools of art display as inherently graceful, formal, and full of their own gravity and tension. the installation draws inspiration from Calatrava bridges and the texts of “Warped Space: Art, architecture and anxiety in modern culture” by Anthony Vidler. Considered from a different perspective, Richards’ installation evokes a ritualized relation to the pedestal as body.

Richards has previously worked on architectural installations in exhibits such asBreech [2012], Pow[d]er [2011], TBA’s The Mediated Revelation > The Intent of TBA [2012], and more recently in Conflicted [2013] at the Roswell Museum. Previous experiments exploring the formal qualities of art display and packing items are the RJP’s Cr(e)ate [2012], and the twisted art action Pedestal [2012].