The Idyll

Ryder Richards installation
Carillon Gallery, Tarrant College-South, Fort Worth, Texas [link]
March 5- April 2, 2015



The Idyll attempts to synthesize several ideas about the role of Modernism as it strips identity markers into a universal aesthetic. Drawing heavily from the Rothko Chapel the installation relates it to science fiction control centers, which embody the promise of science as a means to salvation, and the churches of my youth, who reduced visual distraction into vacant modernism, as a way to question how one deals with identity (self) in relation to community (ideology).

For more text, references, images, & a video walkthrough [link].



Video of Lawndale installation:


PRESS: Best of Fort Worth 2015: Art” by Anthony Mariani, Fort Worth Weekly (September 23, 2015)

Catalog with essay by Joshua Fischer, Assistant Curator of Rice University Art Gallery, Houston