theres no i in win ryder richards 2017 art

There’s no “I” in “Win”

BLUEorange, Houston [link]
March 18th- April 14th, 2017

The cultures that work together play together. And vote together.


Ryder Richards considers the ideological stance of social signaling through truck modification, hunting, and divisive partisan language. Cautionary, ironic and reflective the work draws from his practice in precarious labor politics and consumer-grade authority and power.

Richards has exhibited at the Roswell Museum of Art, Bellevue Museum, participated in programming at the Nasher Sculpture Center, and co-curated “Boomtown” at the Dallas Museum of Art. His work has been exhibited in China, Germany, London, Spain, and Switzerland as well as across the United States, including recent exhibitions in Brooklyn, Chattanooga, St. Louis, San Diego, Nashville, and San Antonio.

ART TALK: Richards will give a talk on the ideas behind his latest work at BLUEorange on April 14th at 6 PM.

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