lookout chattanooga ryder richards art 2016


Ryder Richards

Swine Gallery
Chattanooga, TN
November 4- 5, 2016

Reacting to his time in Chattanooga as a tourist Richards created five drawings and a series of sculptures. Noticing the excessive “observation of the observer” at local tourist sites the exhibit considers Chattanoga’s outdated role as “strategic highground” as a corollary for nationalism as a form of tourism, and the transition of military power into invisible data control and it’s subsequent abuse.

Several works are inspired from the CIA’s double-blind program “Eyewash” and the “accidental” deletion of the only 6,700 page torture document when requested by a Senate Investigative Committee. Considering how difficult it is to delete a hard drive, Richards used a WikiHow article to start “torturing” hard drives until their information was corrupted.

In addition, Richards continues to expand on his usage of DIY consumer culture products as both an absurdity and means of promoting individualistic ingenuity.

Works on display will be created during Ryder’s stay at
ARC: Artist Residency Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN