Conversations from the Museum of the Uninformed

BLUEorange, Houston, Texas
December 20, 2013 – January 31, 2014

Developed around themes of information handling the exhibit looks at the void of information as a cultural redaction that allows for public monumentalization and supposition.  With white concrete sculptures pulled from the interior dimensions of a safe and multiple references to information redacted or permanently preserved beyond usability, the exhibit considers transparency as manifested by physicality, density and quantity of information as it’s own form of redaction, and the need to re-enact a more theatrically digestible truth as a means to fulfill cultural voids.

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We Should Have Been Able to Bypass a Mere Inability to Exchange Language is created from 100 iPhone 3 earbuds playing interviews about UFOs with a descending Shepard Tone.

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+ Artwork and installation titles are quotes from the text of Ben Marcus‘ “Flame Alphabet.”
+ For images of individual works in the exhibit [link]

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