a thing of this world

Public Address [link]
Brooklyn, New York
August 1- 14, 2015

a thing of this world, Ryder Richards’ installation has evolved from researching civil power conflicts, primarily focusing on the relationship between police and citizens. Influenced by power/knowledge theory, the work uses the aesthetics of conflict while considering academic knowledge as a distancing mechanism from reality. The artist’s stark, detailed drawings, which depict a range of imagery from shielded police, plumes of smoke, to excerpts from theoretical text, frames a sense of civil escalation among police/citizen relations. Relative to the works on paper, Richard’s sculptural objects allude to conflations in the symbolic means-to power with figurative proxies in the form of a Kevlar® hoodie and a tower of batteries.

On the rooftop, Richards will also exhibit Shield: Monument, a project comprised of cast plaster staircases correlating to the fragility of movement.

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Shield: Monument

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Review: Ryder Richards, by Ali Soltani
Eutopia: Contemporary Art Review [link]

Research Catalog: a thing of this world
produced and published by Public Address [link]

a thing of this world- catalog