Review ~ Frances Bagley

Frances Bagley

The Lay of the Land
Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas [link]

EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review

Articulated tendons of steel suggest a global meta-architecture, tenuously propped, stretched and weighted. Signifiers affix the stabilizers, clamps and levels calling out for attendance to maintain and gauge the structural precarity. The “apparatus” manifests woes and catastrophe at each junction: sculptural ice floes leak or blanket a globe on a spindle, a human-o-replicant display parcels the body into fragments.

Our troublesome inaction is not simply casual denial; it is faith in Flusser’s “programmatic cosmology.” Decision making has been granted to the “apparatus” compelling us to blindly tend our ethos, to trust that the machine will produce our salvation.

~ Ryder Richards
images courtesy of the author, gallery and artist