Review~ Barry X Ball

Barry X Ball

Remaking Sculpture

Nasher Sculpture Center [link]
Dallas, TX

January 25 – April 19, 2020

Re-embodying the nostalgic spirit of classical sculpture in the contemporary age of mechano-digital reproduction parallels the “digitized consciousness” quandary, wherein fidelity of replication manifests the soul.

This sculpture –akin to photographic processes of pointing, shooting, and printing— maps the form into digital aether, a disembodied state of limbo. Ball’s conversion of the static singular into this transferable state unbinds the sculpture from their crypts, producing untethered ghosts capable of manifesting new bodies through talented mediums. Yet, this captured aura is now vulnerable to the foibles of all digitization: the mutable matrices beg to be re-mixed, sampled, and, ultimately, re-mastered.

~ Ryder Richards
images by the author