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  • Press: Arteidolia Interview

    Press: Arteidolia Interview


  • Review~ Barry X Ball

    Review~ Barry X Ball

    Barry X Ball Remaking Sculpture Nasher Sculpture Center [link]Dallas, TX January 25 – April 19, 2020 Re-embodying the nostalgic spirit of classical sculpture in the contemporary age of mechano-digital reproduction parallels the “digitized consciousness” quandary, wherein fidelity of replication manifests the soul. This sculpture –akin to photographic processes of pointing, shooting, and printing— maps the […]

  • Press ~ A Saturday with Bush League

    Press ~ A Saturday with Bush League

    Press for Bush League

  • Review~ Ian F. Thomas

    Review~ Ian F. Thomas

    Ian F. Thomas To Nowhere Thomas Hunter Project SpaceHunter CollegeNew York, NY published on EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review Cast ceramic, Glass Reinforced Gypsum, Steel, 2019 Metaphorical symbology lays thick: the rising tide lifts only one boat, the 1% will never be occupied, or “life of pi” meets “an inconvenient truth.” Choose your insoluble outrage. The […]

  • Suburbia Stargate

    Suburbia Stargate

    Group exhibition

  • Public Sculpture ~ Resilience and Remembrance

    Public Sculpture ~ Resilience and Remembrance

    Ryder Richards Unveils Public Work Honoring Fallen Dallas Police Officers, Christopher Blay, July 24, 2019 [link] Through his work, artist Ryder Richards often examines what he describes as “the pressures and resultant response of the individual within a dominant (often violent) culture.” This scrutiny has led to Richards’ Resilience and Remembrance, his new public artwork for El […]

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