The Art Foundation presents
“Art in the Public Sphere” a series of brief art talks
Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 7-9 PM
The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, 3120 McKinney Ave., Dallas 75204 {MAP}

Organized by The Art Foundation, “Art in the Public Sphere” will be a series of brief slide presentations on the subject of public art, in its myriad iterations, by a panel of artists, curators and art facilitators. A wide-range of perspectives on the function of art in the public sphere will be addressed, from fostering community through one-time, participatory events, to beautifying the urban landscape with objects, to the nuts and bolts of acquiring sites and working with commercial entities to realize a project, as well as the notion of the Internet as public domain.  Though their approaches are varied, each contributor in “Art in the Public Sphere” believes in the importance of artists activating public space in nontraditional ways .

Following a brief video by the creator of Aesthletics, artist Tom Russotti, opening remarks will be made by Nasher Sculpture Center Senior Curator, Jed Morse. Presentations will then be given by Dallas artist/curator Cynthia Mulcahy, Austin artist Shawn Smith, Dallas’ Henderson Art Project coordinator Scott Trent, and members of the artist-runDallas Biennial. A public works fundraising video by Claude Collins-Stracensky will be show and plans for a proposed land art project in West Dallas by San Diego artistRobert Andrade, in collaboration with The Art Foundation, will also be presented.

The Art Foundation is a Dallas-based art collective that aims to cultivate rigorous artistic dialogue and innovative art exhibition stragedies. Joshua Goode, Ryder Richards, Lucia Simek, and Andrew Douglas Underwood are The Art Foundation.

(image: “1954 – 1976″, 2010 courtesy of Robert Andrade)

The event was recorded and published by ART THIS WEEK.