The Art Foundation presents…

October 27- December 15, 2012
Opening reception: Saturday, October 27, 6-9 PM.

Gray Matters Gallery
113 N Haskell, Dallas

The Art Foundation presents twain, an examination of the alter ego as an artistic method of expansion and safe haven.

Concerned with the increasing burden of reputation as a stultifying constraint upon artists, the exhibit allows its artists to take-up an artificial duality, promoting unfulfilled desires by negating a recognizable identity through the person of the alter-ego.  This anonymity of the true individual leaves objects and embedded concept free from qualifying associated status.

Capitalizing on this highly democratic method of exhibiting, The Art Foundationhas invited a range of internationally recognized artists, art groups, and writers to participate in the exhibition, many of whom will remain anonymous. Specific works will: engage reflections on both local and international issues, address the phenomena of the alter-ego’s persona eclipsing the artist’s original identity, allow for the permissive recreation of works previously authored, promote dubious legitimacy, and highlight the written word as contextual subterfuge.

Recognizing the internet as a primary source of avatar dissemination, The Art Foundation will also provide a partner, online, catch-all exhibition to further explore these themes at

The Art Foundation is a Dallas-based art collective that aims to cultivate rigorous artistic dialogue and innovative art exhibition strategies. Joshua Goode, Ryder Richards, Lucia Simek, and Andrew Douglas Underwood are The Art Foundation. (
(installation images to come… )