The RJP Nomadic Gallery presents


Utilizing our surrounding, existing infrastructures, (shipping systems, free website modules, home depot, rental trucks, etc…) RJP offers engineered, multi-use components as a complete “gallery kit.” Accessible and economically viable, the “kit” offers the potential to sustainably expand outreach and community engagement.

In keeping with global shipping systems we have developed freight-ready modules as gallery components and containers. The ‘crates,’ which contain our tools and art, unfold to become our gallery walls, complete with embedded lighting. They rest on ‘palettes,’ which transform to become stairs.

A dialogue ensues as the conversion of components reflects the re-purposing of truck into gallery, providing an example of larger transformation possibilities. Following existing internet business models we offer our information and plans as a package, accessible and down-loadable, from which craftsman in the community may develop similar galleries or expand the notion for their own purposes, generating further energy and collaboration.

RJP TEMPLATES from which to construct your own gallery kit.

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