Culture Laboratory: Sphere
curated by Jonathan Whitfill

August 24- September 15, 2014
Studio 2504, West Virginia University

A naturally occurring phenomena, the sphere is a balanced circumference of pressures. The sphere exerts equal force in all directions, sheltering like constituents and enforcing a barrier of exclusion. Due to it’s perfection the form is inherently isolationist and elitist, naturally compelling our affinity and reluctance to engage with it. More common are the porous spheres, spheres of influence, echoing socio-political or cultural alignment: a breakdown of formal Euclidean or Platonic notions in favor of ambiguous, ever-shifting tenuity and alignment.

Culture Laboratory Collective offers its own tensions of praxis as a microcosm of the continual struggle for gravitational stasis: neither collapsing nor exploding over the last five years, the group has continually exhibited as a means to evolve and maintain individuality within a group context.


Ryder’s piece for the exhibit, Obligation. [video & text]