Ryder Richards_UFOFU
Ryder Richards_UFOFU

An Investigation of Extra-Terrestrial Issues for the Uninitiated

(Culture Laboratory Collective exhibit curated by Ryder Richards.) 
The Cube, Roswell, New Mexico
Friday, May 3, 2013

Concerned with the cultural impact of the ‘other’ upon a specific community the Culture Laboratory investigates the occurrence of U.F.O. and Extra-Terrestrial life related to Roswell, New Mexico. [link]  Seeing as the government offered multiple stories over a period of years concerning the infamous UFO crash of 1947 a tacit breech of trust between the citizenry and the government has lead to an increasing warp in the fabric of truth surrounding these events. Recognizing the unknown as infinitely more captivating and worth exploring eight Culture Laboratory  members will create a piece as a response to aliens, the region and it’s most recognizable incident.