Translatory Motion

Aug. 24- Sept. 5, 2012
C2 Gallery, The Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen, China

March 18-23, 2013
Spring Street Studios, NCECA Conference, Houston, Texas

August 17 -September 27, 2013
Columbia College‘s Larson Gallery, Columbia, Missouri

The exhibit challenges conceptual and cultural translation while pinpointing identity through the objects we propose for creation by another culture.

Theme: Culture Laboratory members design images which will be hand painted as blue glaze onto porcelain tiles  by the phenomenal ceramics workers in China. Dryden Wells has been working in China for almost 3 years. He is coordinating the exhibit with stateside help from Ian F Thomas.

The exhibition entangles intention, translation, and the potential for communication into a series of finely crafted objects. The exhibit was shown in China and later exhibited in the US.