The Lamb and The Chariot: Five Acts
A Collaborative Evolving Installation by Ian F Thomas and Ryder Richards
Hart Moore Museum, Touchstone Center for Crafts, PA
June 2012

In a series of evolving installations “The Lamb and The Chariot” unfolds as a five part act exposing local items to dramatic reinterpretation. Accessing the archived, yet ubiquitous, histories of the site through locale and object-hood Thomas and Richards present a series of ephemera derived as reversals from the texts of Genesis and Revelations.

Accessing post modern concerns, the series of actions acknowledge the disposal and reanimation of alienated memory as a contemporary socio-political action. Drawing from Hal Foster’s discussion on the “ethnographic turn,” the installations privilege alterity as a means to thwart critical disinterestedness through ontological displacement. At once historically invalid and locally pertinent the installations offer a renewed diachronic vision for the region and site.

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