Cirkit of Mythos presents “Carne-val” at the Altered State Fair
(presented by MFA Gallery)
Oct 15, 7-11 PM @ the Kessler Theatre, Dallas, TX

Cirkit of Mythos is a group of Dallas/Fort Worth artists. Group members active in “Carne-val” include Omar Hernandez, Eddy Rawlinson, Jason Reynaga, and Ryder Richards. For this exhibit (Altered State Fair) the group has developed “Carne-val,” a one-night-only performance playing with stereotypes and loss of dignity as a cultural ritual.

 Carne-val Statement

Carnivals, sideshows, attractions, and bizarre decadence. You must be paying for the experience, because we all know cotton candy is 90% air and you threw up that funnel cake after a ride on the Whirligig. Oh, and don’t forget that $45 stuffed animal proving you can throw a baseball. Might want to throw it in the wash, there’s still a bit of funnel cake on it.

In the tradition of the classic Carney trickery and over-the-top cheesiness of the state fair with their shameless pitch to sale out kitsch, Cirkit of Mythos offers the American classic machine fetish: a beautiful, scantly clad girl next to a guy on a motorcycle.

Patrons can pay a paltry $5 to have their image taken on the bike with a lovely lady. All they have to do iswear a hat: a pope’s hat, a bonnet, a dunce cap, or your choice of many more. And really, if you are a man, what’s the big deal? It’s a hat. And the lady is wearing hardly anything…

Incorporating the photographic rituals of tourism, social media participation, car/motorcycle exhibitions and the sex driven sales advertising strategies of the automotive industry the one-night-only performance mimics the stereotypical male voyeurism experience. While concerned with the objectification of women to anthropomorphize a machine, the performance is centered on the user-based communal experience in which a festive atmosphere encourages compromise, resulting in participants paying to lose dignity.

All images will be uploaded to the Cirkit of Mythos website (here) where patrons can view and download their moment of glee and repost it to the social media site of their choice.

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