Fun with a Sex Machine

by Christina Rees, on May 16, 2017 ["link"]

The Art Of Sexperimentation: An Exploration Of Sexual Creativity in the Pursuit of Climax

Ryder Richards and his collaborator Sue Anne Rische have gone straight to the gross, uncomfortable hangover of wretched excess and made a thing out of the Bunny called Banger, which looks like a sex-addict’s insane disco cat toy after a too-long Mardi Gras celebration. The object itself is the work, but in this case so is its eerie, somber documentation. It’s like John Carpenter went to bed with Hedwig, and they gave birth to a hairy little monster that has a clumsy yet still-threatening ability to give you an queasy orgasm, if you get too close.


A collaborative project between Sue Anne Rische and Ryder Richards
A Motorbunny Project, 2017