A New Focus: Objectives at Artpace

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Dan Goddard || October 11, 2016
Redaction of Labor III (art action, materials to build wall + labor)

“His most ambitious work was yet to be created when the exhibit opened. Redaction of Labor III began as a stack of lumber, sheetrock and paint. During the course of the show, Richards plans to use the materials to build a wall that will cover an existing wall, essentially making it disappear while the new wall should blend in with its surroundings.

“To build a wall is to create a large minimalist painting from construction materials,” Ryder explains in his artist’s statement. “If it is done properly, which is to say obsessively, it will be promptly ignored as part of the space, it will become part of the architecture. The action makes manifest the paradox of invisible labor by cultural creators.”



Time lapse of “Redaction of Labor III” produced by Artpace