Podcast: A workbench for Ryder’s thoughts on DIY, Art and Philosophy.

UPDATE: Title has changed to “let’s THiNK about it”

To DIY is to be permanently amateur.

During Spring 2020 Ryder began “podcasting” … Hyperbolic statements occasionally reveal some underlying logic, and in blathering about his readings paired with observations Ryder attempts to document some thoughts on DIY, politics, and art.

In 2019, after considering some notions of class and the art world Ryder began a series of essays on the space from which a DIY amateur operates. Rebutting the often alleged thrift of DIY in favor of a mindset of rebellion and action the podcasts walk through the political implications of a community that builds without drifting into the psychosis of prepper culture.

In short, this is a place where he can tinker with ideas until they blossom into homegrown propaganda.

1/2021 _ UPDATE: Title has changed to “Let’s THINK About It” due to much confusion by listeners.