by Canary
Sept 1, 2020

Podcast: Internet Citizenship

with Kelly Kroener, Leo Kaplan, Justin Hunter Allen and Ryder Richards

September 01, 2020 / Season 1 Episode 5
BasketShop, Cincinnati, OH
Canary is a podcast and extension of gallery programming.

BasketShop Gallery owner Kelly Kroener organizes a group of panelists to discuss Internet Citizenship.

Citizenship on the Internet is a very complicated subject for artists as we have realized more and more that the creative rights we enjoy in society don’t necessarily apply to us the same way when we’re online. I’m very happy that Kelly has brought this topic up for attention to shed light on some practices of tech monopolies that actively try to capitalize off of our privacy and offers some solutions for artists to keep in mind while navigating this increasingly pervasive technology.

The panel includes Leo Kaplan: an artist, web developer and founder of influential artist-run spaces such as The Hills Aesthetic Center and Boyfriends Gallery in Chicago. 

Justin Hunter Allen: Artist, Curator, Publisher and internet ne’er-do-well that operates from his home in rural Virginia. 

And Ryder Richards: an artist, educator, critic and web developer from Dallas TX.

Ryder’s exhibit “How to Make Enemies Friends” was the inaugural exhibition at BasketShop.