Obligation [2014]
mirrorball, astro-turf, paint can, motor, chain and locks, light
created for the Culture Laboratory exhibit Sphere
Studio 2504, West Virginia University, WV

Considering the theme for the exhibit, “sphere,” lead to consideration of gravitational pull and orbits. The tenuous balance between being pulled to the powerful center or struggling away from such domination and losing orbit outward; essentially a question of losing or balancing one’s “self.” It is a Sisyphean task to maintain such monotonous balance, and inevitably it is a bit pathetic when viewed against our dreams and desires.

On another level the piece is reacting to the “spectacle” craved in cultural production, disinterested in mundanity as profundity. As such the piece “reflects” culture, embodying spectacle as a common stylistic trend which through stunning provides comfort for the viewer. The “reflection” criticism extends to include the concept that “we” no longer produce novel thought or make cognitive leaps, but simply point and mirror information in such a way as to appear intelligent, filling gaps rather than moving forward.



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