Ryder Richards is an artist, curator and educator. It is the combination of all three that brings you the complete Ryder Richards.

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You work and call Texas home; was it your education that brought you to Texas.  Discuss how Texas has developed and nurtured you and your artistic side?

Texas provides a contradictory set of values, which promotes a flexible mind. I guess, what I mean is that duelling dichotomies are abundant: Texas believes in religion and guns, proudly valuing rugged, violent individualism equally with Jesus and good manners. ~ In a more practical sense Texas affirms a “go-getter” attitude, in which you are praised for boot-strap endeavours. So when a couple friends and I started the RJP Nomadic Gallery driving and exhibiting across the state we were welcomed and applauded. There is a tendency to make your own scene here, to become what you want to see.

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