Exhibition ~ DB14

Dallas Biennial 2014

Saturday, 04/12 (4-8PM)
500 Singleton (warehouse), Dallas
Curated by Michael Mazurek and Jesse Morgan Barnett.
Artists: Alterazioni Video – Conrad Atkinson – Nino Baumgartner – Bradly Brown – Jeff Gibbons – Matthew Girson – Geraldine Gliubislavich – Hannah Hudson – Shaun Leonardo – Darryl Lauster – Karin Lehmann – Lou Mallozzi – Kristin Mariani – Francisco Moreno – Margaret Meehan – Miklos Onucsan – Lana Paninchul – Bonny Poon – Ryder Richards – Vincent Ramos – Björn Ross – Michelle Rawlings – Michael Schmacke  – Lucia Simek – Penelope Umbrico  –  Michael Wynne

I could love you less
“I Could Love You Less: The Critical Self Consciousness of Hyper-modernity”
temporary gallery space, light, art, 106″x126″x101″

Drawing from his previous installations and gallery practice of running The Cube in Roswell, Richards creates a labor-intensive, artificial gallery space to support and contextualize a minimal work of art. With previous works wrapped and stored behind the construction the installation provides it’s own self-referential histories supplementing conceptual minimalism’s reductive obscurity  and levitated stance while fulfilling the artist’s penchant for excessive labor, art world commentary, and naive ambition.