Temporary Sculpture Garden: Lubbock

curated by Eli Blasko
LHUCA, Lubbock, Texas [link]
November 6, – December 4, 2016

The Temporary Sculpture Garden: Lubbock is the initiation of an ongoing project by Eli Blasko that brings artists together on a national level to exhibit outdoor works made from both conventional and unconventional materials in an interim setting. The project strives to showcase a broad array of work in a public setting conducive to generating new dialogues about art. The pieces are, in many cases, ephemeral and unguarded, and left to the whim of the public for discussion, scorn, reflection, critique, or admiration. Many of the works will change over the course of the exhibition due to human interaction and/or the elements. The Temporary Sculpture Garden: Lubbock will be installed through December 4th; video and sound works will only be displayed on the evenings of the November and December First Friday Art Trail.

Participating artists include: Maisie Marie Alford, Jesse Morgan Barnett, Vicki Marie Bee, Eli Blasko, Harrison Brooks, Eli Gold, Sean Hamilton, Nicolle LaMere, Leah Mackin, Efren Marrufo, Derek Glenn Martin, Sharon Massey, Chad Plunket, Ryder Richards, Ian F. Thomas, and Jonathan Whitfill

Ryder’s contributions:

its snowing on the map_lubbock

“It’s snowing on the goddamn map, not the territory, you dick!” (pg333). David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Longitude and Latitude Coordinates for the city of  Lubbock, Texas
33.5667° N, 101.8833° W point to one address:
3119 30th St, Lubbock, TX 79410


Stealing a Monument is Awkward: Bolt Cutters are Cheap
Construction tools chained together on site.