Push Play: Reinventing the Wheel by Judy Seckler

Ceramics: Art and Perception,  August 2012
A review of Push Play, the 2012 NCECA Invitational exhibition held at Bellevue Museum, Seattle.
A brief excerpt from page 111 discussing Ryder and Ian’s collaborative piece:

… a sculpture by Ian Thomas and Ryder Richards, Monument to a Quarter Million Dreams uses clay in new ways to illustrate how childhood fantasies translate into physical objects. Whether the frame of reference is the American space program or homage to sci-fi fantasy films such as Star Wars and Alien, the mysteries of space travel are a springboard for play. Thomas and Richards hace used a raw clay glue mixture to create a sculpture that totters back and forth between being seen as a skeleton of an unknown aircraft and/or a reminder of a fallen icon like Ozymandias where dreams rise and fall from the poems of the same name of Percy Bysshe Shelly.

Thanks again to Linda Ganstrom, curator of the exhibit, and the Bellevue Museum for accepting the donation of our work.