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  • Interview: Gods and Guns

    Interview: Gods and Guns

    Guns and Gods: an Interview with Ryder Richards by Nicholas Pierce Through April 17th, Roswell Museum and Art Center will be showing new works by Ryder Richards in an exhibition titled Conflicted. Ryder, who received his BFA in painting and drawing from Texas Tech in 2001, is currently a fellow at the RAiR program in Roswell, NM. Drawing equal inspiration from his upbringing…

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  • Gallery Hopping:  Reviews of Shows at OFG, Angstrom, CentralTrak and more

    Gallery Hopping: Reviews of Shows at OFG, Angstrom, CentralTrak and more

    Published by D Magazine FrontRow: Gallery Hopping: Reviews of Shows at Oliver Francis, Angstrom, CentralTrak, And More By RYDER RICHARDS_ July 9th, 2012 A little over a month ago the Texas Theatre hosted a performance art film screening featuring documented works by Douglas Davis, Joesph Bueys, Nam Jun Paik, Artur Barrio and others. This museum quality event was…

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  • A tourist at NCECA, Seattle

    I am a tourist who just cut in line. I am in, arguably, the biggest ceramics exhibition this year: the NCECA Invitational 2012, Push Play. And, by ‘biggest’ I mean prestige, not size. Size doesn’t matter… especially since my piece is one of the smallest in the exhibit and only half mine. The other half…

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  • stupid dumb site crashed

    ugh. On Dec 20th, after trying to update my platform I lost all my content. so, I am rebuilding the whole thing. better, faster, stronger, more productive, not drinking too much, still cries at a good film, calm, fitter, healthier, like a pig in a cage on antibiotics. Only took one afternoon to rebuild the…

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