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  • 2012 Dark Matter

    2012 Dark Matter

    RJP Nomadic Gallery presents  Dark Matter Exhibition Opening/Performance on First Friday, September 7th, 7-9 p.m. Blue Star Contemporary, 116 Blue Star, San Antonio, TX Blue Star Contemporary and the Lullwood Group present Dark Matter, an exhibition and performance by the RJP Nomadic Gallery. Arriving in a 40’ Ryder moving truck a performance of transformation will ensue as functionally designed…

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  • 2012 Art in the Public Sphere

    The Art Foundation presents “Art in the Public Sphere” a series of brief art talks Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 7-9 PM The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, 3120 McKinney Ave., Dallas 75204 {MAP} Organized by The Art Foundation, “Art in the Public Sphere” will be a series of brief slide presentations on the subject of public art, in its…

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  • 2012 Monument to a Quarter Million Dreams

    Monument to a Quarter Million Dreams Collaboration by Ian F. Thomas (Slippery Rock, PA) and Ryder Richards (Dallas, TX) NCECA 2012 Invitational: Push Play Curator: Linda Ganstrom, Director of NCECA Exhibitions Bellevue Museum, Seattle, WA STATEMENT: Play is a product of investigation and the willingness to take risks. As individuals progress the concept has a tendency to become alien and a…

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  • 2012 The Lamb and The Chariot

    The Lamb and The Chariot: Five Acts A Collaborative Evolving Installation by Ian F Thomas and Ryder Richards Hart Moore Museum, Touchstone Center for Crafts, PA June 2012 In a series of evolving installations “The Lamb and The Chariot” unfolds as a five part act exposing local items to dramatic reinterpretation. Accessing the archived, yet ubiquitous, histories of…

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  • 2012 Texploitation

    Cirkit of Mythos presents “Texploitation” July 27-Aug 24, 2012 Antena, Chicago, IL We can’t help it. Living in Texas makes us better than you. Just look at the art, y’all. We deal with real issues, like chicks, engines, guns, and sex. None of this political panty-waist, hand-wringing and whining about ourselves or crying about the…

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  • 2013 Ruined State(s) No. 2

    Facilitated by The Art Foundation, Robert Andrade proposes Ruined State(s) No. 2, a 1/4 acre public earthwork in Dallas, TX exploring issues of state power related to the communal environment and physical site from which authority derives validity. “The project is meant to consider change within States of dominance along with the connected ideology and…

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