Podcast: The Will to DIY

Podcast: A workbench for Ryder’s thoughts on DIY, Art and Philosophy. UPDATE: Title has changed to “let’s THiNK about it” To DIY is to be permanently amateur. During Spring 2020 Ryder began “podcasting” … Hyperbolic statements occasionally reveal some underlying logic, and in blathering about his readings paired with observations Ryder attempts to document some… Continue reading Podcast: The Will to DIY

Bush League

Bush League Sweet Pass Sculpture ParkDallas, TXOct 19- Dec 14, 2019 collaborators: Anthony Rundblade, Brock Carson, The Wheeler Brothers, Danielle Georgiou Dance Group, Brandon Kennedy, Shelby David Meier, Hills Snyder, Olivia Salazar, and more. PRESS: “A Saturday with Bush League” by Colette Copeland, Glasstire.com Bush League Sweet Pass Sculpture Park and Bux Toof present: BUSH… Continue reading Bush League

Bux Toof

Bux Toof is a collaborative art group founded by Daedalus Hoffman and Lindsay Starr, founders of HIXX Collective, Cattywampus Press, and Dirty Dark Place. Bush League Sweet Pass Sculpture ParkDallas, TXOct 19- Dec 14, 2019

Press~ “Objectives” at Artpace

Texas Artists Elevate Ordinary Materials into High-concept Works by Marco Aquino || San Antonio Current October 05, 2016 at 6:00 AM After selecting the current trio of female artists for Artpace’s fall 2016 International Artist-in-Residence program, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) curator Denise Markonish once again lends a curatorial hand in this fall’s Hudson… Continue reading Press~ “Objectives” at Artpace