Interview: Gods and Guns

Guns and Gods: an Interview with Ryder Richards by Nicholas Pierce Through April 17th, Roswell Museum and Art Center will be showing new works by Ryder Richards in an exhibition titled Conflicted. Ryder, who received his BFA in painting and drawing from Texas Tech in 2001, is currently a fellow at the RAiR program in Roswell, NM. Drawing equal inspiration from his upbringing… Continue reading Interview: Gods and Guns

2012 Awesomeness

So, let’s get it out of the way that a year-end review of my art life strikes me as pompous, which is kinda why I am doing it. It reminds me of the Christmas card from an aunt with a page long letter spewing tidings of glee centered around the success of her family as they… Continue reading 2012 Awesomeness

Ceramics: Art and Perception

Push Play: Reinventing the Wheel by Judy Seckler Ceramics: Art and Perception,  August 2012 A review of Push Play, the 2012 NCECA Invitational exhibition held at Bellevue Museum, Seattle. A brief excerpt from page 111 discussing Ryder and Ian’s collaborative piece: … a sculpture by Ian Thomas and Ryder Richards, Monument to a Quarter Million Dreams uses clay in new… Continue reading Ceramics: Art and Perception