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  • Resident Spotlight: Ryder Richards

    Resident Spotlight: Ryder Richards

    Ryder is a big fan of the small wins, Interview by Cass Dickinson.

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  • Review ~”Empowerment”

    Review ~”Empowerment”

    Hannah Dean reviews Ryder Richards’ installation “Empowerment” at the CASP studios, Published by, December 2018

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  • Interview: Ryder Richards

    Interview: Ryder Richards

    Meet Ryder Richards Today we’d like to introduce you to Ryder Richards. published by Voyage Dallas, May 30, 2018 [link] Thanks for sharing your story with us Ryder. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there. I moved to the DFW area in 2009 to run the art galleries at…

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  • Interview: Frances Bagley & Tom Orr

    Interview: Frances Bagley & Tom Orr

    Ryder Richards Interviews Frances Bagley & Tom Orr PLACES for SCULPTURE: JAPAN with Tom Orr & Frances Bagley The Nasher, Summer 2018 [link] Many thanks to Tom and Frances for their time sharing a complex story of over 20 years of sculpture partnerships between Japan and Dallas. Online Magazine

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  • Peripheral Vision No. 8

    Peripheral Vision No. 8

    Peripheral Vision No. 8 Our inaugural print issue, Peripheral Vision No. 8 is a contemporary art journal featuring the work of 20 visionary American artists and 20,000 words of content by leading critics. Each artist was awarded our prestigious Artist Publication Fellowship™, recognizing professional excellence and a significant contribution to the advancement of the visual…

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  • Press ~ New gallery weaves its vision in Westwood

    Press ~ New gallery weaves its vision in Westwood

    New gallery weaves its vision in Westwood The owners of the new Basketshop Gallery pledge to keep conversation and hospitality flowing in a working-class neighborhood not accustomed to alternative art practices. Kathy Schwartz, City Beat || Aug 2, 2017 11 AM [link] The new Basketshop Gallery in Westwood found the perfect icebreaker for its opening:…

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