Review: Culture Laboratory’s “Co: Modify” exhibit – “Co-Modify: Culture Lab Collective” at Victoria’s Nave Museum January 8th, 2012 by HARBEER SANDHU “Anything can be made better by deep-frying it,” he writes in his artist statement. Richards’s piece, Fried Gold: Best Idea Ever, is the highlight of Co-Modify, on view at Victoria’s Nave Museum through January 21. The piece consists of four battered and deep fried, gold-plated necklaces… Continue reading Review: Culture Laboratory’s “Co: Modify” exhibit

January exhibits

It has turned into a busy, productive January. I will be displaying work in three juried exhibitions, a curated show and art auction, as well as the three Culture Laboratory exhibits. This will be my first time to show in California, Ohio, or Seattle and two of these shows are Museums, which is also a first… Continue reading January exhibits