Chekhov’s Hammer [2015]

Chekhov's Hammer (floor)_ book, resin, copper tape, plastic, wood, gold leaf

Chekhov’s Hammer [2015] patent book, resin, plastic, wood, copper tape Patent Pending curated by Jonathan Whitfill Charles Adams Studio Project, Lubbock, Texas July 3- 23, 2015 The curator rescued 100’s of patent books as they were being dumped. The premise of the exhibit is to convert the books into “art,” either being inspired by them, using… Continue reading Chekhov’s Hammer [2015]

Everyday is Ordinary

Stance of Contemplation: Drawing

Everyday is Ordinary Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum [link] San Antonio, Texas June 4, 2015 – Aug 9, 2015 CURATORIAL STATEMENT:  So much of our shared existence is the commonality of man: family, work, home. At the center of our stories, are characters–people and places–whose familiarity remains. These anti-heroes of the everyday give solace, provoke… Continue reading Everyday is Ordinary

The Real Show

Triangles are my faverit

The Real Show curator: Patrick Kelly Old Jail Art Center [link] Albany, Texas June 6th – September 6th 2015 For centuries artists have attempted to accurately depict or re-create objects, landscapes, people in two and three-dimensional form for various reasons and with varying degrees of success. Artistic merit was, and still is, attributed to those… Continue reading The Real Show

Solo~ The Idyll, Fort Worth

The Idyll Ryder Richards installation Carillon Gallery, Tarrant College-South, Fort Worth, Texas [link] March 5- April 2, 2015 The Idyll attempts to synthesize several ideas about the role of Modernism as it strips identity markers into a universal aesthetic. Drawing heavily from the Rothko Chapel the installation relates it to science fiction control centers, which embody the… Continue reading Solo~ The Idyll, Fort Worth

Solo: The Idyll, Houston

The Idyll, Subjective Machines East, SouthEast and South

The Idyll Jan. 23- Feb. 28, 2015 Cecily Horton Gallery, Lawndale, Houston, Texas Opening Reception: Jan. 23rd, from 6:30-8:30 Proposal to Lawndale: After reading The Radicant an odd paranoia set in considering the role of global standardization through modernist universalism and the reaction against it: a re-entrenchment in cultural or nationalistic identity. Considering the notion… Continue reading Solo: The Idyll, Houston