Art 2022

Art Series: Graft // ShieldArt exhibit: LHCUA 25 years / Roswell Museum Fundraiser Graft Shield Roswell Museum Fundraiser LHUCA 25th Year Anniversary Exhibit

Review ~ “Mondegreen” Pete Hoffecker Mejía

Pete Hoffecker Mejía’s Mondegreen Tri Star Arts, Knoxville, TN By Ryder RichardsSeptember 2021photo credit: Bruce Cole To view Pete Hoffecker Mejía’s fresh, modernist sculptures in a 100-year-old refurbished marble building is to find a similar struggle playing out on multiple fronts: one is to recognize, even cherish, the historical form (or shell) while simultaneously attempting to… Continue reading Review ~ “Mondegreen” Pete Hoffecker Mejía

Art 2021

series: Drawing, Painting || Sculpture residency: Stoveworks, Chattanooga (July) Drawing “cognitive capitalism’s psychopathology: commodification, pollution, and the story of ass-cent” Painting Pop art Sculpture “Art Box” Glasstire.comDirections: Glasstire sends a box with 3 objects from which the artist will make art and discuss their process. Residency Stoveworks July 2- July 29, 2021Chattanooga, TN [link]