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  • Art 2023

    Art 2023

    Series: Drawings | Paintings Exhibits: $#!% Show | Tex-US | 150 years/150 artists | ReunionResidency: StoveworksProjects: Masked Rider (mural) Found Dream Mythisphus Exhibits $#!% Show 5&J Gallery Lubbock, TX (Jan 6) Curators: Hannah Dean and Christina Rees Concept: 2025 Team: Ryder Richards, Chad Plunkett, Harrison, Jonathan Whitfill Tex-US: Six Encounters from the Lone Star State […]

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  • Art 2022

    Art 2022

    Art Series: Sculpture:: Graft // ShieldDrawing:: Balls (coming soon)Art exhibit: LHCUA 25 years / Roswell Museum Fundraiser Graft Shield (1 – 6) Roswell Museum Fundraiser LHUCA 25th Year Anniversary Exhibit

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  • Review ~ “Mondegreen” Pete Hoffecker Mejía

    Review ~ “Mondegreen” Pete Hoffecker Mejía

    how does one reinvigorate a dated, entrenched, even rigid ideology into a vehicle for germination? 

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  • Art 2021

    Art 2021

    series: Drawing, Painting || Sculpture residency: Stoveworks, Chattanooga (July) Drawing “cognitive capitalism’s psychopathology: commodification, pollution, and the story of ass-cent” (series of 6) graphite, pigment on paper _ 30″x22″ Painting Pop art Sculpture “Art Box” Glasstire.comDirections: Glasstire sends a box with three objects from which the artist will make art and discuss their process. Residency […]

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  • Review~ Pre Sent Tense

    Review~ Pre Sent Tense

    Ryder discusses “pre sent tense” at Frank Elbaz Gallery, Dallas

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  • Podcast~ Canary: Internet Citizenship

    Podcast~ Canary: Internet Citizenship

    Canary Podcast

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