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  • Review ~ Urs Fischer

    Review ~ Urs Fischer

    Published on EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review, October 9, 2018 Urs Fischer PLAY with choreography by Madeline Hollander Gagosian, Chelsea, NY [link] September 6 – October 13, 2018 While gawking in silent awe at the peacefully rotating chairs in the center of the gallery a swarm of thirty-odd morons crashed through the doors and attacked the…

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  • Review~ Takashi Murakami

    Review~ Takashi Murakami

    Takashi Murakami Published on EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Reveiw, July 24, 2018 The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg Jun 10, 2018 – Sep 16, 2018 The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth [link] Utilizing the “dumb” vocabulary of pop to socially critique the toxic issues of empty cuteness and diversion, early Murakami’s sardonic hook was unfortunately…

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  • Interview: Ryder Richards

    Interview: Ryder Richards

    Meet Ryder Richards Today we’d like to introduce you to Ryder Richards. published by Voyage Dallas, May 30, 2018 [link] Thanks for sharing your story with us Ryder. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there. I moved to the DFW area in 2009 to run the art galleries at…

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  • Interview: Frances Bagley & Tom Orr

    Interview: Frances Bagley & Tom Orr

    Ryder Richards Interviews Frances Bagley & Tom Orr PLACES for SCULPTURE: JAPAN with Tom Orr & Frances Bagley The Nasher, Summer 2018 [link] Many thanks to Tom and Frances for their time sharing a complex story of over 20 years of sculpture partnerships between Japan and Dallas. Online Magazine

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  • Review ~ Chim↑Pom’s “Non-Burnable”

    Review ~ Chim↑Pom’s “Non-Burnable”

    Chim↑Pom Non-Burnable as part of INVISIBLE CITIES: Moving Images from Asia Dallas Contemporary, Dallas [link] Sept. 29 – Dec. 17, 2017 The prayers of well-wishing citizens are sent to Hiroshima in the form of thousands of pounds of colorful origami cranes. In a transmutation from cultural meme to sacred rubbish the totems are classified as “non-burnable”…

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  • Piotr Chizinski “Forecast” at PRP, Dallas

    Piotr Chizinski “Forecast” at PRP, Dallas

    Piotr Chizinski Forecast April 2-22, 2018 Curated by Ryder Richards Artist Reception: Saturday, April 14th, 2018 Permanent Research Project (PRP) 508 Fabrication St., Dallas Friday-Saturday, 2-6 PM or by appointment CONTACT: With a focus on disaster relief and infrastructural bias, Chizinski’s newest work considers the role of electronic frequencies as an invisible natural resource: an…

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