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  • Suburbia Stargate

    Suburbia Stargate

    Group exhibition

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  • Public Sculpture ~ Resilience and Remembrance

    Public Sculpture ~ Resilience and Remembrance

    Ryder Richards Unveils Public Work Honoring Fallen Dallas Police Officers, Christopher Blay, July 24, 2019 [link] Through his work, artist Ryder Richards often examines what he describes as “the pressures and resultant response of the individual within a dominant (often violent) culture.” This scrutiny has led to Richards’ Resilience and Remembrance, his new public artwork for El…

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  • Review~ Emmanuel Van der Auwera

    Review~ Emmanuel Van der Auwera

    Ryder discusses Emmanuel Van der Auwera’s “White Noise”

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  • Review ~ Sterling Ruby

    Review ~ Sterling Ruby

    Sterling Ruby Sterling Ruby: SculptureNasher Sculpture Center [link]Dallas published on EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review [link] Totems and tombstones, massive monuments preserved under rich, goopy surfaces: it is monstrous modernism made casual plaything. Scrawled epitaphs mar the surface subverting the potentially grand, ethotic universal message into simplistic mantras. This coifed contempt –decades of epic expenditures undercut…

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  • Review ~”Empowerment”

    Review ~”Empowerment”

    Hannah Dean reviews Ryder Richards’ installation “Empowerment” at the CASP studios, Published by, December 2018

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  • Review ~ Urs Fischer

    Review ~ Urs Fischer

    Published on EUTOPIA: Contemporary Art Review, October 9, 2018 Urs Fischer PLAY with choreography by Madeline Hollander Gagosian, Chelsea, NY [link] September 6 – October 13, 2018 While gawking in silent awe at the peacefully rotating chairs in the center of the gallery a swarm of thirty-odd morons crashed through the doors and attacked the…

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