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series: Paintings || Sculpture
group exhibits: Invisible Landscapes, 500X || Eastfield 50th Anniversary, Mesquite
auction event: Glasstire.com Auction || Michelles’ Paintings, PRP, Dallas
publishing: The Will to DIY podcast || “pre sent tense”
press: Arteidolia interview || Checking In With: Ryder Richards, Glasstire.com



Invisible Landscapes: No, hot stove

Jihye Han & Ryder Richards
curated by Kasey Short
500X Gallery [link]
March 14- April 4, 2020

PRESS: Glasstire.com 5 Minute Tour [link]

Eastfield Campus 50th Anniversary Visual Art Faculty Exhibition  

Mesquite Arts Center
Mesquite, TX

October 6 – December 28, 2020    

Ryder’s works are from his time at Studio Kura, Japan. They are hand-carved Japanese woodblocks depicting Western power-tool router bit profiles.

Artists included in the exhibition are: Rex Reece, Kathy Windrow, Rick Maxwell, James Watral, David Willburn, Eric Eley, Dan Rizzie, Jessica McClendon, Suzanne Kelley Clark, Peter Ligon, Jason Pinckard, Jer’Lisa Devezin, Tuba Koymen, Jessica McCambly, John Oliver Lewis, Michelle Thomas Richardson, Cassie Phan, Ryder Richards, Daniel Martinez, Ashley Whitt, Barbara Fontaine-White, Rachel Fischer, and Michael O’Keefe. 

DCCCD press [link]

Glasstire.com [link]


“Crate (red painting)” 2020_ wood, acrylic, screws, 19″x13.5″x2″
“Crate (yellow painting)” _2020_ wood, acrylic, screws, 18.5″x14.5″x2.5″

Paintings of Michelle’s Paintings

PRP, Dallas [link]
May 15, 2020

A COVID-19 response and healthcare benefit organized by Michael Mazurek, where artists are asked to make paintings of Michelle Rawlings‘ paintings for auction.

  • Michael Wynne 
  • Kerry Butcher
  • Jake Elliot
  • Jesse Morgan Barnett 
  • Oshay Green
  • Paul Winker
  •  Jessie Alexandra Moncrief
  • Stephen Lapthisophon 
  • Brandon Thompson
  • Zeke Williams 
  • Hector Ramirez
  • Kevin Ruben Jacobs
  • Michael Mazurek and Reagan Mazurek
  • Shelby Meier
  • Jeff Gibbons
  • Leslie Martinez 
  • Greg Ruppe
  • James Buss
  • Travis LaMothe
  • Ryder Richards

PRESS: Glasstire.com [link]

“When in doubt, apply more tension” graphite, acrylic on paper_ 30″x22″

Glasstire.com Benefit Auction

May 23-30, 2020 [link]

A Gala Event converted into an online auction due to Covid-19 restrictions.


the will to diy

The Will to DIY

A limited run podcast [link]
Started in March, 2020

UPDATE: now named:

Let Us THINK About It

“The Odd Pathos of Being Human Now”

Review of “pre sent tense” at Frank Elbaz Gallery, Dallas
Nov 17, 2020


ryder richards and sue anne rische

Arteidolia: Interview

Ryder Richards & Sue Anne Rische

by Colette Copeland
April 2020

Checking In With: Ryder Richards

with Christopher Blay
by Glasstire 
May 14, 2020