series: American drawings, paintings, and sculptures
solo exhibitions: “Cyclone Baffle” Backdoor Biennial, Dirty Dark Place ||  “Marginal Revolution” Asheville, NC || “Empowerment” Lubbock, Texas || “Cyclone Baffle” University of Oklahoma
group exhibitions: “Sign of the Times” Hambidge, GA || “Hambidge Art Auction” Atlanta, GA || “Patent Pending” Plainview, TX || “Texas Eclectics” Thessaloniki, Greece || M2 Gallery, Little Rock, AK
residency: Wassaic, NY
publication: Peripheral Vision Press, Issue 8 || “Cyclone Baffle” by Cattywampus Press
curation: “Forecast” by Piotr Chizinski

American Paintings

American Drawings

American Sculpture


“Cyclone Baffle”

as part of the Backdoor Biennial
Dirty Dark Place, 
Kyle, Texas [link]
May 6-27, 2018

Press: “New Art Space Opens Outside of Austin With a Stellar Lineup of Shows Scheduled”

ryder richards trash bag drawing
“American Drawing: T-Square” [2018] graphite, pigment on paper_ 30″x22″

“Marginal Revolution”

Crate: Project [link]
Asheville, NC
Oct 23- Nov 27, 2018

cyclone baffle
2018 Cyclone Baffle II

“Cyclone Baffle”

University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK
October 27-Nov 2, 2018

Ryder Richards Empowerment


CASP Studios [link]
Lubbock, Texas
(curated by Eric Simpson)
December 7 – 27, 2018


“American Painting: culture study” _ paint on paper, 7″x5″

“Sign of the Times”

Hambidge Center [link]
Rapbun Gap, GA
March 3- June 2, 2018

Chekhov's Hammer, 2015
“Chekhov’s Hammer” [2015]

“Patent Pending”

curated by Jonathan Whitfill
Contemporary Art Museum Plainview [link]
Plainview, TX
July 14, 2018

"Condescension I: Pragmatism, not Idealism" 2013
“Condescension I: Pragmatism, not Idealism” [2013] pigment and gunpowder on paper

“Texas Eclectics”

curated by Demetre P. Grivas and Gus Kopriva
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art [link]
Thessaloniki, Greece
September 1-16, 2018

"American Drawing: Stool" 30x22 acrylic, graphite on paper
“American Drawing: Stool” 30×22 acrylic, graphite on paper

M2 Gallery 

Little Rock, AK
November 30, 2018 – January 1, 2019

Press: “New Gallery for SOMA,” Arkansas Times [link]


American painting, trash drill
“American Painting: Impact Driver” acrylic on panel, 30.5″x19″

Wassaic [link]
September 2018

Artist Profile: Ryder Richards


Art 2017

Peripheral Vision Press
Issue 8 [book]
March 16, 2018


piotr chizinski forecast
Piotr Chizinski “Forecast”


Piotr Chizinski

Permanent Research Project (PRP) [link]
Dallas, Texas
April 2-22, 2018

Reception: Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 6-9 PM

PRP is proud to present the work of New York based artist Piotr Chizinski. With a focus on disaster relief and infrastructural bias, his newest work considers the role of electronic frequencies as an invisible natural resource: an open network rich with pollution and gradually removed from public access.

The exhibition takes the form of cast components mimicking an impromptu disaster beacon.  A large antenna broadcasts a 1965 Public Service Announcement to a television within the gallery as a form of backwards innovation to access public commons. With references to the invisible threat of radiation from fallout, the work examines our privileging of the visible as and we are bombarded by the imperceptible.

His choice of broadcast, a helpful “how-to” program on cleaning radioactive particles from your potatoes and canned food, is set against a 1964 forecast predicting the rate of technological advancement, further highlighting the cruel optimism of technology against the concerns of the domestic.

Piotr Chizinski was born and raised in Falls Village, Connecticut.  He currently lives and works in New York City and is the Head of Media Arts at the Guggenheim Museum.  He earned a BFA in Sculpture/Photography from Texas Tech University and a MFA from Cornell University.  In 2011, he was awarded the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship from the U.S Department of Education.  Piotr has participated in many national and international exhibitions and residencies and continues a practice that seeks to engage the public with a view to shape and transform human action and historical experience.