series: American Drawings & Sculptures
solo: There’s no “I” in “Win,” Houston || How to make Enemies Friends, BasketShop
group: Diverge/Convene, San Diego || Let’s Fly, Site 131, Dallas || The Art of Sexperimentation, Motorbunny || Babel’s Bricks, North Adams || Patent Pending, Sherman || 222 Invitational, Roswell || Roswell Artists in Residence 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Roswell Museum & Art Center || The Political Seducer’s Diary, Performance Art Houston Instagram Event
residencies: The Hambidge Center, Georgia

A series of works considering American notions, stereotypes, politics, and labor class.

American Drawings

American Paintings


Political Tools: Seduction I


there is no i in win, ryder richards

There’s no “I” in “Win”
BLUEorange, Houston [link]
March 18 – April 14, 2017

PRESS: Houston Press, by Tex Kershen [link]

PRESS: “Top 5: April 6, 2017” [link]

How to make Enemies Friends

BasketShop [link]
Cincinnati, Ohio
July 8- August 12, 2017

Press: “What to do, hear, see || July 5-11” Movers & Makers



April-May, 2017
San Diego Art Institute [link]
San Diego, California

American Sculpture: V is for Success

Art 2017

Let’s Fly

21 January 2017,  7:30 PM
Site 131, Dallas [link]

Paul Abbott, Willie Baronet, Derek Boshier, James Buss, Hunter Cross, Kelly DeLay, Celia Dias, Nofa Dixon, Celia Eberle, Jeff Gibbons, Nate Glaspie, Sally Glass, Josh Goode, Susan Kae Grant, T J Griffin, Luke Harnden, Terry Hays, Joshua King, Iva Kinnaird, Debbie Klein, Kelly Kroener, Travis LaMothe, Darryl Lauster, Carrie Markello, Michael Mazurek, Clay McClure, Lauren Muggeo, Roberto Munguia, Celia Muñoz, Pamela Nelson, McKay Otto, Sally Packard, Art Peña, Susie Phillips, John Pomara, Eduardo Portillo, Carlyn Ray, Ryder Richards, Kathy Robinson-Hays, Adrienne T Rosenberg, Joel Sampson, Meet the Schwarzes, Benjamin Terry, Angelika J Trojnarski, Liz Trosper, Zeke Williams, Paul Winker, and Longhui Zhang.

motorbunny ryder richards

The Art Of Sexperimentation: An Exploration Of Sexual Creativity in the Pursuit of Climax

A collaborative project between Sue Anne Rische and Ryder Richards
A Motorbunny Project

PRESS: “Fun with a Sex Machine” by Christina Rees,

Babel’s Bricks

Gallery 51, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
North Adams, Massachusetts
May 25-June 25, 2017
Curated by Corwin Lev

PRESS: “Babel’s Bricks: The Power of Play” by Michelle Aldredge,

Patent Pending

Austin College, Sherman, TX
March 20th – April 21, 2017

“Shield: Burn”

Roswell Artist in Residence 50th Anniversary Exhibition

Roswell, New Mexico
October 6, 2017 – April 6, 2018

222 Invitational  

(part of the RAiR 50th Anniversary)
curator: Trey Nesseldrodt
ISAAC’s PIPE & SUPPLY, Roswell, New Mexico
October 5-8, 2017

Praxis Apparatus: Liberal Elitist Scum + Primitive Working Class

The Political Seducer’s Diary

Performance Art Houston 
an Instagram-based performance art event curated by Jeanette Joy Harris
based on Keirkegaard’s “The Seducer’s Diary” [link]
Ryder’s event: December 2-8, 2017

Political Tools: Seduction I

Political Tools: Seduction II 

Press: Performing a Seduction: Performance Art Houston’s “Political Seducer’s Diary” by Jeanette Joy Harris & Steven Martz, Political Animal Magazine [link]


The Hambidge Center [link]
Rabun Gap, Georgia
April 18-April 30, 2017