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Solo Exhibits: The IdyllHouston || The IdyllFort Worth || a thing of this world, Brooklyn
Group Shows: The Real Show, Albany || Everyday is Ordinary, San Antonio || Wet: Fresh Fictions, Houston || Arts Libris, Barcelona || 53rd International, San Diego || Patent Pending, Lubbock || Tanabata, Brooklyn || Amarillo Biennial || Place/Identity, Fort Worth || Decisions, Dallas || Temporary Sculpture Garden, Lubbock  || Donations
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Emily Peacock

Subjective Machines

(2014-15) A series of shaped panels and drawings derived from Rothko’s late works with humanist/universal information overlaid and obfuscated, generating a sci-fi religion of information and scientific, utopic ideals.  (works created for solo exhibit, The Idyll)

Shielded Fuck

A reactionary series about power/identity and various strategies of autobiographical failure.


a series considering civil defense tactics and aesthetics


A folly of cautionary consumer construction and leisure labor as growth/expansion.

GoPro view

Solo Exhibitions

The Idyll 

Cecily E. Horton Gallery, Lawndale
Houston, Texas
January 23- February 28, 2015

additional images, video and catalog [link]

The Idyll 

Carillon Gallery, Tarrant College- South, Fort Worth, Texas
March 5- April 2, 2015

additional images, catalog, and video [link]

a thing of this world [2015]

a thing of this world

Public Address
Brooklyn, New York
August 1- 14, 2015

~ select images courtesy of Public Address

Shield: Monument

a site-specific installation project paired with “a thing of this world” at Public Address.

~ documentation and performance collaborator: Piotr Chizinski

 Group Exhibits

le bore, drawing, traingles are my faverit, ryder richards

The Real Show

Old Jail Art Center, Albany, Texas
June 6 -September 6, 2015

Ryder has 4 drawings exhibited from the Le Bore [2013] series. The title, French for the element Boron, sounds like “Labor” and  the element combines “Bore” with “Moron.” The series draws from his time doing art installation and the bored, snarky pretension it produces.

The exhibition will include works by: Seth Alverson, Julie Bozzi Daniel Blagg, Dennis Blagg, Jason Cytacki, Ann Ekstrom, Patrick Faulhaber , Pat Gabriel, Marshall K. Harris, John Hartley, Kirk Hayes, Rachel Hecker,Tim Liddy, Kim Cadmus Owens, Ryder Richards, Erick Swenson, and Sarah Williams.


Everyday is Ordinary
Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum
San Antonio, Texas
June 4 – August 9, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 4, 6-9 PM

Ryder’s piece is a performance: “Stance of Contemplation” developed from running art galleries in West Texas and noticing the need to continually repaint the base of the wall. The action of scuffing and leaning with one leg propped on the wall as a means to engage in thought while signaling boredom unintentionally ‘marks’ territory. Most cowboy boots are not worn by working cowboys and instead act as symbols of cultural value; the stance and ‘marking’ becoming affectations of the archetypical cowboy insouciance.

Featuring work by artists selected from the 2014 Open Call: Mayumi Amada, Jim Arendt, Nancy Floyd, Candace Hicks, Ron Lambert, Shayne Murphy, Frank Oriti, Ryder Richards, and Levente Sulyok

Concrete Action_ book, plaster, aquarium
Concrete Action_ book, plaster, aquarium

Wet: Fresh Fictions
curated by Henry Hunt & Donna Tennant
Williams Tower, Houston, Texas
April 22- May 22, 2015

Ryder has two works featured in the exhibit, Concrete Action, a Dostoyevsky novel wrapped and set in concrete underwater, and Current, a Kafka book bound in conductive tape and resin.

Wet: Fresh Fictions is a group exhibition featuring recent work by the Art Guys, Harvey Bott, Terrell James, Beth Secor, Patrick Renner, Tara Conley, Kelli Vance, Kristen Cliburn, Lisa Qualls, Ryder Richards, Michael Macedo Meazell, Mark Harold Ponder, Steve Murphy, Juan Aaron Castillo, Mike Hollis, Michel Muylle, Bob Russell, Journey Through (Heath Brodie), Emily Peacock, and Abigail McLaurin.

Arts Libris 2015 [link]
Barcelona, Spain
April 11, 2015

Ryder has two projects in Arts Libris 2015:  Destruction, an art portfolio withTim Best and Jennifer Guest as well as Red Rocket 3 & 4, which are comic books covered with a condom.

 53rd International Exhibition
juried by David A. Ross (Writer, curator. Formerly, director, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art)
San Diego Art Institute [link], San Diego, California
April 18, 2015

Ryder has three pieces included in the exhibit. Obligation [2014] received an Honorable Mention.

Patent Pending
Curated by Jonathan Whitfill
Charles Adams Gallery, Lubbock, Texas
July 3rd, 2015


Public Address Gallery, Brooklyn [link]
July 4th – 18th, 2015

Tanabata Matsuri, a Japanese summer festival characterized by the display of colorful paper decorations, public events, and young couples wearing yukata (summer kimonos), celebrates the annual crossing of two stars, Altair and Vega.  ~ In the spirit of these festivities, Public Address asked artist, architect, designer, and curator couples/collaborators to participate in TANABATA. Each couple/collaborator was invited to create a single tanabata fukinagashi, which was encouraged to reflect the work or practice of both individuals. This exhibition focuses on the intersection of two distinct personalities coming together to produce something that celebrates their special relationship and unique interpretation of the prompt.

Christina Leung/Neil Infalvi, Greg MacAvoy/Natassa Gavalas, Elizabeth Corkery/Graham McDougal, Naoko Komori/Noah Post, Nino Baumgartner/Karin Lehmann, Rita Leduc/Joseph Leduc, Sue Anne Rische/Ryder Richards, Michael Loverich/Antonio Torres (Bittertang), Baseera Khan/Jason Fox, Doug Johnston/Tomoe Matsuoka, Shabd Simon-Alexander/Antoine Catala, Mike Picos/Anne Wu, Vincent Stracquadanio/Elizabeth Burans, Jessi Binder/Brian Michael Dunn

Amarillo Biennial 600: Sculpture

juror: Leigh Arnold, asst curator at The Nasher Sculpture Center
Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, Texas [link]
August 14- October 9, 2015

Ryder has two works included in the exhibit: Shielded Fuck: Pinned and Shielded Fuck: Leveljock.


deadWEST, Fort Worth [link]
October 24 – December 11, 2015

Deborah Baldazar, Michelle Brandley, Clarina Bezzola, Barbara Campbell-Thomas, Erik Durant, Angel Fernandez, Heyd Fontenot, John Hartley, Trish Igo and Till O’Brien, Rosemary Meza-Desplas, Devon Nowlin, Sally Packard, Ryder Richards, Shaun Roberts, Jeremy Rudd, Winter Rusiloski, Fred Spaulding

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a 3 part exhibition, curators Danielle Avram, Pelican Bomb, and Ben Lima.
November 7-December 12, 2015

Part III: Decisions

curated by Ben Lima 
Pollock Gallery, Southern Methodist University, Dallas [link]
November 30 – December 12, 2015

Artists: Jesse Morgan Barnett, Michael Mazurek, Margaret Meehan, Ryder Richards, and Andrew Douglas Underwood

Temporary Sculpture Garden: Lubbock, TX

curated by Eli Blasko
Lubbock, Texas
November 6, – December 5, 2016

its snowing on the map_lubbock

Infinite Jest (page 333) or “It’s snowing on the goddamn map, not the territory, you dick!”
3119 30th St, Lubbock, TX 79410

* The address on Google Maps for Lubbock’s longitude and latitude coordinates: 33.5667° N, 101.8833° W

Stealing a Monument is Awkward: Bolt Cutters are Cheap
* Construction tools locked together on site.


5"x7" platonic drawings_Gunpowder, pigment on paper
5″x7″ platonic drawings_Gunpowder, pigment on paper
5"x7" platonic drawings_Gunpowder, pigment on paper
5″x7″ platonic drawings_Gunpowder, pigment on paper

“Pickup Chad” fundraising benefit to aid Chad Plunkett’s recovery.
CASP, Lubbock


Another EPIC Night at Trinity Groves, Dallas
7:00 p.m. Saturday, November 14, 2015

Benefiting EPIC, a partnership of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, Dallas Police Department, Mayor Rawlings’s GrowSouth Initiative, Better Dallas/Safer Dallas, and the Communities Foundation of Texas


Anna-Bella Papp at the Nasher Sculpture Center, Temporary Art Review (January 5)
Catalog Essay: Ian F. Thomas [2015]

Editor/Contributor: Eutopia: Contemporary Art Review
Eutopia: Volume 3 //Spring 2015

Eutopia: Volume 4 //Fall 2015